The company has a young, avant-garde stable design team, has been “fashion” through the purpose of the whole brand design concept, adhere to the craftsman type of high quality and workmanship, good at natural exquisite fabrics and unique high-quality process integration, the use of neat lines and three-dimensional tailoring to highlight the feminine temperament, It is a combination of inherent style and pragmatic values at a reasonable price and a high degree of use value. The product design closely adheres to the fashion, and actively talks with the market, and soon occupies a place in the women’s clothing wholesale field.

Company from at the beginning of a few sewing machine and a dozen employees family small workshops, after several years of operation and the joint efforts of all staff, with accurate market positioning, classical, fashionable and combined with the design style of consumers demand and humanized management idea, the company is developing rapidly at the rate of growth of 50% year by year, has more than 3 million in annual sales, The cooperative factory has more than 300 employees, more than 200 sets of imported clothing and ironing equipment from Japan, Europe and the United States, with the world’s advanced level of clothing production equipment, the annual production capacity of 4 million pieces.

The company has set up a professional quality control department, which manages production in accordance with the standard procedures, supervises and checks the quality of all the products of the company, adopts strict quality requirements and inspection standards, always adhering to the principle that quality is life, and does a good job in the monitoring work before, during and after production. From the process to ensure that the majority of consumers can enjoy the taste and texture of our commitment!

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